Why work with us?

Our clients see proven benefits

With the help of our Mystery Shopper and Progressive Training teams, our customers have seen proven key benefits by working with us – seeing their business through the eyes of a customer.

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Consistent and exceptional customer service

By evaluating clearly-defined service standards and procedures, you can understand in which areas your team performs at their best, and train them where there is room for improvement.

Increased income and profitability

By paying attention to the customers’ impression, and responding to areas of improvement, our clients have seen an increase in repeat business and recommendations.

By focusing on what they do well and on areas identified for improvement, our clients have seen an increase in repeat business and recommendations.

A better brand image

We check adherence to your brand standards, values and policies, so you can ensure the customer gets the same high-quality experience across the company.

Consistent product quality

As well as evaluating service standards, our Mystery Shoppers can support their observations in respect of product quality with photographs of their meals, bar drinks and cocktails, bedroom facilities, and more. Our clients are increasingly taking advantage of this tangible feedback.

A more productive and happier team

Through the identification of training needs, we can help you get your team back on track and working in sync with your goals, creating a happier work environment.

Increased marketing effectiveness

By evaluating your membership offers, seasonal promotions, lunch and early evening meal deals and other promotional activities, we can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Support performance reviews

The provision of tangible evidence relating to visit highlights and shortcomings can significantly help you set with the setting of focused and measurable objectives for all levels of your business. You can establish a set of guidelines and requirements for your team that they can understand, and work towards.



Our ever-growing enthusiastic and dedicated management team, alongside our loyal and elite mystery shoppers across the world, tailor every part of the process to meet our clients’ needs – and our clients like working with us.

We’re committed to making your experience of our Mystery Shopper programme experience the very best. That’s why we:

  • Know, and have, operational experience of the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.
  • Understand the importance of exceptional customer service.
  • Use a personal approach with all our clients, building relationships that last.
  • Remain flexible and responsive, tailoring and altering programmes where you require.
  • Are always reliable and discreet, contacting you directly if we feel an issue is best addressed personally.
  • Dedicate our time to helping you and your business. If you care, we care.
  • Make our reports precise and clear, detailed and informative, and always accessible and user-friendly.



Our training solutions ensure that clients have the advice, support, and knowledge they need to turn their vision into reality.

Our clients choose our training services because we:

  • Aim for a partnership approach.
  • Go out-of-our-way to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs before proposing a bespoke and practical solution.
  • Adopt a flexible style, recognising that anticipated needs may well change.
  • Make a tangible difference to their business
  • Provide enthusiastic, dedicated and professional training consultants for ongoing support

And it’s not just the organisation and management teams that enjoy working with us, but our course participants, too. We keep things inclusive and supportive, practical and stimulating, focused and informal, and always fun. Help your team to become better, and your business will benefit.

Service Scan’s ongoing mystery dining platform has helped underpin Lussmanns drive in becoming the locals alternative in an ever evolving and competitive high street.

Andrei Lussmann, Managing Director, Lussmanns Restaurants Ltd

From first contact to report delivery, we tailor every part of the process, to give you the best results

We work with people that care. And if our processes can help achieve your ambitions, we’d love to speak to you.